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2 different types of mortgage in Turkey

1- Credit from the construction company

Payment by installments from the Construction Company

There is a great opportunity to get credit directly from the construction company in Antalya, Turkey. The process is pretty easy. All you need is a sales contract with the construction company where all payment details are written. There are no additional documents, paperworks and costs required.

The payment plan is as follows:
- Down-payment - 40 % of the real estate price
- The remaining amount 60 % can be paid with installments upto 5 year (60 months)

1 year credit without any interest. After 1 year till 5 years with interest which is 20 % lower than bank rates. Whenever you pay 50 % of cost of your real estate the TAPU (title deed) delivery is handled on your name with hypotheek. Hypotheek amount is the remaining money which construction company owes you. That way the sales process is handled fairly and without risk for both sides, the buyer and the seller.

The payment of monthly installments can be done automatically from the buyer to seller account.

Type of currencies for payment : Turkish Lira (TL), Euros (€), Dollars ($).

Maturity of payment from 1 year till 5 years.

Minimum amount of credit - 20.000 Euros

Applies to people between 25 and 70 years old.

Example case:
You buy an apartment for 50.000 Euro. You decide to pay 20.000 EUR as down-payment and the remaining 30.000 EUR with installment.

If you pay the remaining 30.000 Euro within 1 year (12 month) installment, you will be asked to pay 2500 Euro each month without any interest.

If you pay the remaining 30.000 Euro in 5 years with a 60 month installment, you will be asked to pay 595 Euro each month with a total payment of 35.700 Euro in the end.