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Antalya Homes is a leading international real estate agency based in Antalya. At this user friendly real estate website, navigate easily to find apartments and villas for sale in İstanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Trabzon, Belek, Kemer and Bodrum. Affordable investment property for sale in Turkey as building grounds, hotels, construction plots are attracting the holiday home hunters.

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Buying property in Turkey

Antalya Homes Construction has build golf apartments in Belek. Belek is a famous town with its golf courses and new built or resale golf properties. If you search property for sale by owner, River Golf Resort is our own construction project.

Turkey has gorgeous properties for sale waiting for you to invest in. There is a high demand for properties from neighbour countries. Whether you would prefer a beach front villa or an apartment in town, you can find just what you are looking for when you choose a reliable estate agent to guide you. Follow these tips to get property in Turkey most suitable for you at the best price.

Nowadays Turkey has become one of the most focused location in the world in terms of its attractive cities like Kemer, Belek, Antalya and Alanya as a sunny holiday location, a foreign property investment hotspot and a luxury real estate paradise.

If you are seeking the ultimate in affordable priced property and beautifully constructed holiday homes; it is advised you to buy property in Turkey.

How to find Property for sale in Turkey

Before you begin your search for real estate in Turkey, consider exactly what you want first. When you have a clear idea about the type of holiday home you would like, finding it is much easier for not only you, but the real estate agents in Turkey you are working with as well. Making decisions ahead of time about the number of bedrooms and baths is a good place to start.

Choosing an area to buy villas; where you feel most comfortable is important. This is especially true for those families with children. You will need to know the schools in a certain area if you would be pleased with your child attending there. Many holiday home buyers need to locate their properties near their place of employment and urban attractions.

Learning the home buying process in the country is always important for those people from other countries interested in the purchase of property. In fact, you might be surprised at how many people from around the globe are interested in and making the purchase of beautiful properties in this beautiful country. The natural beauty of the country has to offer its residents is amazing and attractive.

Prospective real estate Antalya buyers should know the required steps for deed transfer differs in Turkey than in other areas of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. However, it is quite simple and leaves holiday home buyers with less stress to deal with. Owners are provided with a Tapu, the title deed in their name, after monies have been exchanged and the deed is filed at the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate.

Daily updated property Turkey offers. You find property for sale in Turkey here. Browse for Turkey property and real estate in Turkey on Antalya Homes site.

Your agent handles the details of your purchase every step of the way. From the electricity and water meters to making sure military permission is given before purchase, knowing your purchase is being taken care of is a great feeling. Once you give your real estate agent power of attorney and you open a bank account in a related areas, you can begin locating the home in this lovely country which you are dreaming of.

Finding interesting real estate in Turkey offers can be an exciting time with agents you can depend on. Imagine the villa with a beach view when you are thinking of a relaxing home in this country. It can be yours and you do not have to worry about knowing the process when you have great agents.

Beside Antalya Homes Real Estate, we cooperate with several international real estate companies for foreign sales like Terra Real Estate.

Best Choosen Property Turkey

Opposite of European living style, Turkish people chooses mostly apartments in stead of houses. Municipalities of Belek and Kemer are focused on low buildings. Unfortunately Antalya and Alanya has few house offers if you compare to apartment offers. There are many golf villas with private pools in Belek, a golfing paradise of the world.

Despite southern part of the country, İstanbul has apartments for sale on high rise buildings and skyscrapers. There are lots of Arab home buyers in Istanbul beginning from 2013; when the property law is totally changed by Turkish Government. Reciprocity rule is halted and it is now open to purchase properties in Turkey for all nationalities.

Trabzon is the new destination of house buyers from Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. The calm climate and green nature plays a great role to attract these people. Trabzon is a crowded city at heights of Black Sea coast with high rise apartments.

There is a sister website of Antalya Homes called It is a Turkish realtor website with houses for sale with swimmingpool.

Property developers builts mostly villas with swimming pool

Houses and villas with private swimmingpool are most popular real estate offers, because many villa buyers choose more privacy. These villas give more house feeling to real estate owners. Antalya villas, Belek villas, Kemer villas and Alanya villas are listed under villas in Turkey page like İstanbul villas.

They search on internet as antalia, anatalia, anatalya real estate, turkiye too.

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