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Yalova Apartments | Yalova Apartment for Sale

The Advantages of Yalova

Located in the Marmara Region, Yalova has a strategic location with proximity to the famous cities like Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli. The region has many advantages in the economy, real estate, and transportation. Yalova is a lovely city where the tourism goes on continuously four seasons.

It is like a dream for most people to live in Yalova where nature, history, and culture get together. You will not be only a homeowner buying an apartment in Yalova, but also have a perfect life in the desired place.

Yalova has become a city after separated from Istanbul. Projects, such as Bridge and Highway Transportation that completed recently have increased the value of the region. Yalova properties for sale are growing each day while the sales of the apartment are rising.

Antalya Homes offers you a professional counseling about finding suitable apartments in Yalova along with guarantee the customer satisfaction. If you do not have enough cash money in your pocket to buy a house, we offer you apartments with installment payment plan. You can easily find properties for sale by installments on the listing pages.

Yalova Apartments

Rising Apartment Prices in Yalova

Yalova has damaged after the big earthquake in 1999. It has been launched many development projects in the area to destroy the traces of the earthquake. After this event, the positive developments done in the field of economy, transport, social, and architecture came into force as soon as possible. New earthquake resistant buildings were constructed as a low-rise style, unlike the old high-rise buildings.

Besides the developmental projects, strategic location, climate, and tourism are the basis for the high Yalova real estate prices. Yalova gets people's attention with proximity to the big cities like Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli.

There are many tourism opportunities in the region such as thermal spring, sea, ski, and nature that stimulates the real estate market. Yalova has become a target for local and foreign peoples in a short time. Due to these reasons, the real estate in Yalova is in high demand and apartment prices are rising.

What Awaits Yalova Real Estate Market in the Future Years?

The real estate market in Yalova grew by 35% compared to last year. Therefore, the real estate prices in the region have increased seriously. According to the researches done by experts, the real estate market in the area will keep on rising especially in 2017 and 2018 while the high demand will continue to lift prices.

Yalova is a unique city with elegant beaches, curative hot springs, ski resorts, peaceful nature, rooted history, and great transportation opportunities to the big cities. Yalova has something for everyone with these attractive features. Becoming one of the most desirable cities in Turkey, It's no wonder that the real estate market is on the rise.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Apartment

There are many factors should be considered when buying an apartment in Yalova. Some of them are the determination of the apartment criteria, transportation opportunities of the region, quality of title deed, apartment prices in the region, calculation of value changes over time, heating and insulation status, suitability of the environment, compliance with earthquake regulations, etc.

You should get professional help to determine and measure these factors properly. Antalya Homes offers you the professional counseling with its expert team.

Great Interest in Yalova from Arabs

Yalova is the perfect place for tourists to visit, but also the city offers them a permanent living space. In recent years, Yalova has become one of the most preferred settlements by foreigners. The city was preferred by people from Russia, Britain, and Germany before the earthquake. But in recent years, Arabs began to settle in Yalova. The number of people from Dubai who settled in the region is over 2000. Today, the most of the Arabs who came to Turkey prefer to buy an apartment or villa in Yalova.

There are 6 districts in Yalova having characteristic features each other. But, when considered the real estate, the most preferred regions are Cinarcik and Termal. These regions boast the natural beauties like the thermal springs, beaches, and ski resorts.

When we take into account all these, Yalova is like a haven for both international and Turkish investors. Antalya Homes works with the prestigious construction companies which make a land survey to take a precaution to the earthquake. 
We will guide you to find the best and high-quality apartments for sale in Yalova.

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