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The Progress of Turkey’s Strategic Partnership with Belarus


Belarus is a non-coastal country with a population of almost 10 million people within Eastern Europe that is similar to Turkey since it is basically between the Western countries and Eastern countries as well. Belarus is a country whose administration is extremely criticized by Western countries and in which Russia portrays a crucial role in the foreign business market. The strategic partnership between Belarus and Turkey to mutually eliminate visa requirements for their respective citizens. It is certainly a significant approach to progress their joint relations in a complicated situation. A lot needs to be done in terms of business entrepreneurship and foreign policy in order to have a better relationship formed between the two countries.

This is, nonetheless, not a vague possibility because Turkey is currently carrying out a complicated foreign policy. It is not unconditionally refusing connections with one country due to strong relationships it has with that specific country and Belarus is certainly prepared to improve its business cooperation with Turkey. Cevat Nezihi Ozkaya, the ambassador of Turkey in the capital of Belarus, is hopeful about the partnership possibility for Turkish nationals in Belarus and emphasizes that Turkey shouldn't worry about the supremacy of Russia in market. He said that the primary reason for entrepreneurs of Turkey to be worried in investing in and conducted business with the Eastern European country is that they think they can not exceed the Russian entrepreneurs in the market, but they're mistaken. For the Turkish ambassador, the two countries share more qualities than simply being intersections between the East and West. Cevat Nezihi Ozkaya reveals that among those resemblances is that the citizens of both Belarus and Turkey are extremely industrious. In addition, he identifies the geographical closeness between Belarus and Turkey-both can be reached by plane in just two hours - still another advantage the two countries have is their willingness of enhancing economic connections with one another.

Strategic Partnership Between Belarus vs Turkey

Though its business existence isn't still at a height to compete with Russia within the country, Turkey is surely not just another nation on the record of UN members for Belarus. Turkey previously became the third leading foreign direct investor in 2010 within the Eastern European country with $1.2 billion of investments. But, the trade volume Turkey and Belarus did in 2010 was only more than $300 million. Though this amount was almost over 25% of what both countries managed to carry out in a trade with one another in 2009 when the global market was experiencing the effects of the worldwide financial crisis, it isn't still not enough for nations such as Belarus and Turkey, whose combined economy sizes are almost $1 trillion in the present day.

If Belarus benefits from an accelerated attempt to enter the World Trade Organization, it will correspond to a golden opening for the country to further improve its financial system through increasing its exports and drawing a lot of foreign investments.

In general, it is simply practical for both Belarus and Turkey to content for better economic connections sooner or later; however, it is up to them if those specific connections will become a strategic partnership between Belarus and Turkey.

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