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The Digital Title Deed Era Begins in Turkey


The Digital Title Deed Era Begins in Turkey

A title deed in Turkey is called as Tapu is an official and legal document to prove ownership rights of a property. There are different types of the property title deed in Turkey according to the type of the property. After the ease of receiving the title deed of foreigners, the digital title deed era is now beginning.

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum attended Digital Title Deed Period Presentation Meeting made important statements about new digital title deed. While talking about the innovations and regulations, Mr. Kurum stressed about the various advantages provided by these innovations. This innovation will bring dynamism to the title deed and facilitate information sharing.

Differences between the old and new deeds are as follows;

• The new title deed consists of 3 sections as real estate information, owner information and registration information.
• The gross and net area of the architectural projects will be shown on the new title deed.
• The identification number will be given to each title deed. Thanks to this identification number, we will be able to reach all information from the first information to the current information of the title deed.
• The share of the owner of the bond in the property and the area of their shares will be included on the new title deed.
• There will be a QR code system instead of layouts, streets and borders. We will direct access of the parcel by reading this QR code and get accurate direction via the global geo-identification about real estate's location.
• The information column of the previous owner and current owner will be removed from the new title deed.

Advantages of new title deeds;

• The new title deed decorated with Selçuklu motifs does not contain unnecessary information.
• There will be an identification number for each title deed instead of Province, District, Neighborhood, Block, Parcel, Independent Section Number. It will provide be direct access to all information of real estate with this ID number.
• Thanks to the QR code, we will be able to access all information of Title deed with the QR code from the mobile phone or tablet.

What is a QR Code?

QR (Quick Response) code is a special matrix barcode that can be read from the cameras of the mobile phone or tablet. QR codes may be used to show text to the user, to open a URL, save a contact to the address book or to create text messages.

How Do We Use/Scan QR Code?

Thanks to the new title deed decorated with the Selçuk star and motifs, you can reach all the information with a single click. First, you need to download any of the free QR code reading programs on your mobile device. When you read the QR code which located under the area information on the deed with your phone or tablet's camera, the program will automatically recognize the QR code and direct you to

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