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Property Prices in Yalova

Real Estate Sector Revived in Yalova

According to the President of the Yalova Real Estate Commission Hayrettin Yılmaz, Yalova real estate sector has been a remarkable revival. Gulf crossing bridge, projects such as Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway and the natural beauties of the region has played a major role in the development of the sector. With the completion of the bridge, the distance to Istanbul will be 15 minutes, the distance to Bursa and Izmir will be 3,5 hours.The city will be more preferred in the coming days with its proximity to major cities.

Yalova has become a city preferred by everyone with its the nature that brings green and blue together. Yalova is making a distinguished name for oneself with its forests, sea, hot springs, archaeological protected areas, and historical places like Termal Atatürk Köşkü and Yürüyen Köşk. Thanks to all these beauties, the numbers of tourist visiting Yalova is increasing by about 11 percent each year. The city aims to be a real estate, tourism, fair and congress center. However, it will also take a big step in the industrial sector. The region sees great demand from domestic and foreign buyers. Accordingly, the investments of property owners in Yalova are also valued day by day.

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Yalova Real Estate Prices on The Rise

While real estate prices in Yalova are moving at a stable level, with increasing demand, the real estate prices in Turkey have risen the most in Yalova.

Yalova which is a province after leaving Istanbul, it has taken a big and successful step in the real estate sector. The fate of Yalova changed with new transportation projects. All the innovations to be made have enabled the domestic and foreign investors to prefer the city. Apartments and villas for sale in Yalova are attracting great interest, especially from Middle Eastern investors. These investors are developing villa projects by buying land. According to experts, a premium increase of 60% is expected in real estate investments with the opening of the Gulf Crossing Bridge.

Property Prices in Yalova

Yalova is among the cities preferred by citizens of countries like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, and Syria to buy a real estate in Turkey. Arab investors have entered the race to buy land and housing among themselves. The Arabs show great demand for apartments for sale in Yalova. This demand of the Arabs is reflected in both the billboards and property prices in Yalova. Today the increase in Arabic billboards in Yalova draws attention. With the influence of the interest of Arab tourists in Yalova, the sea view apartment prices in the city center have increased greatly. The most demanded places by foreign investors are Karamürsel, Altınova, Kadıköy, Termal, Çınarcık, Akköy, Koruköy, Esenköy, Armutlu and Çiftlikköy.

When investors in the Gulf countries investing in Yalova are examined, it turns out that there are 2 different types of investment;

1- The investments made by the Syrian and Iraqi citizens who settled in Turkey by leaving their countries due to the war in the Middle East.

2- The summer house investments made by the rich Gulf countries.

Local investors are investing mostly in the districts located on the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway project route and in the vicinity of this project. Local investors also prefer Yalova's holiday regions. They are making land and farm investments in these regions.

Which Regions Will Be Valued in 2017, 2018?

- Yalova city center is one of the most suitable regions for investment due to its rapid development.

- There will be a great value increase in Yalova's towns and villages thanks to the Istanbul-Izmir highways along with Osmangazi Bridge (Gulf Bridge).

- Çiftlikköy and Termal are the first developing regions in the real estate sector.

- Taşköprü district connected to Çiftlikköy district and Tavşanlı district connected to the district of Altınova will be on the forefront to invest.

If you buy any real estate from a valuable investment area like Yalova, it will provide you a good profit in the future. According to experts, real estate agents who know market assessment well, it also gives direction to the Yalova economy. Antalya Homes is an international real estate agency that has been operating in Antalya, Istanbul, Trabzon and Yalova with its professional team. You can apply to Antalya Homes to buy a property in Yalova, a newly developing region. In the direction of Antalya Homes opinions and experiences, you will never regret it.

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