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Bodrum is one of the most gorgeous lands in Turkey. It has served as one of the important port lands in past and still known for its fishing and tourism industry. There is much room for a tourist to enjoy adventurous activities. Some golf courses have been planned for Bodrum as it welcomes several tourists and business professionals on daily basis. At this time lodging numerous golf courses, sightseeing in this sector has been set for a new rumble in the future, in conjunction with the expansion and demand of cutting edge golf properties for the realty market. Reaching there in Bodrum is quite easy for anyone who wishes to travel by road or through airplanes. Bodrum is hosting domestic as well as international airport to serve visitors from all across the world and especially from Europe. There is rush of tourists in the town as summer starts. However, the number of visitors in winter decreases. But still the property prices in Bodrum are quite high as compared to neighboring towns, because that it is a very popular holiday destination. Before you buy an apartment or villa, it is useful to look at the price of properties sold in Bodrum.

Recently sold properties in BodrumGone are the days when people were only interested in investing or owning property in their vicinity, nearby cities or just within the boundaries of their residential country. Now, the world has converted into a global village and a person living in one corner of the world wishes to own property in the other corner. Why not? Why a person should not dream of owning property in every part of the world? Now it just takes a few minutes, few hours or a day or two to travel from one place to other. Turkey is receiving big investments in property these days as the Turkish laws have been relaxed for the foreigners. It is a good step by Turkish government as foreigners are taking interest for establishing new business chains in Turkey. Tourism has been a big and earning industry in Turkey. There are many beautiful towns, cities and municipalities there in the country. One such beautiful city is Bodrum.

During the past few days; Bodrum has been the hot cake as everyone around is dreaming about establishing a new business there or owning some property for establishment of rental business. Are you interested to know property prices in Bodrum? Do you wish to own a house, Bodrum villa or an apartment there in this town? How do you wish to use your newly owned apartments in Bodrum or how you should use? Well, just be calm, take a long breath and keep on reading as all of your queries will be answered below.

Avarage Property Price in Bodrum

Let’s just explore the geography and beauty of Bodrum before digging deep into the financials. What you can find here or what’s the focus of attention in the town? Can it host some good businesses or it is just a beautiful tourism space? Well, the town of Bodrum is snuggled over the southern Aegean coast in front of Kos; the Greek Island. The town features prime imaginative and rational historical grounds; the locale is presently budding, adopting an assortment of Europe as many expats from European Union visit to Turkey and especially the town of Bodrum due to its calm climate, standard of living and business potential.

On the basis of historical grounds; the city was called as the Halicarnassus of Caria. It has been an important port area in past and even these days; the city is known for fishing and yachting tourism. So, if you are looking for residential property in Bodrum then you need to understand recently sold properties avarage prices. Either you are living nearby this town or even if you are living abroad; the online world has made it easy to access all information about property in Bodrum. There are many online classified and listing websites that can give you a clear stance about the prevailing prices of property in the town.

Moreover, you can also look for available property for sale in Bodrum through these classified websites. Hiring a real estate agent is another good option to make the process easy for you.

  • Key Ready Apartment for Sale in BodrumKey Ready Apartment for Sale in BodrumBDR-13336Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Key ready apartment located on the first floor in Yalikavak, Bodrum. 2 bedrooms apartment for sale is close to the beach and this apartment has unique sea moreYalikavak / Bodrum2+11

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  • Centrally Apartments with Sea View in Yalikavak BodrumCentrally Apartments with Sea View in Yalikavak BodrumBDR-20764Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Apartments with sea view are located in Yalıkavak Bodrum. The recently completed building consists of 2+1 top floor apartment and 3+1 duplex moreYalikavak / Bodrum2+1, 3+12

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  • Seafront Villas with Private Pool in BodrumSeafront Villas with Private Pool in BodrumBDR-17172Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Bodrum villas are located within a walking distance to the sea. Villas offer an amazing panoramic sea views of moreTuzla / Bodrum4+1460 Months

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  • Contemporary Bodrum Villas with Palmarina VistasContemporary Bodrum Villas with Palmarina VistasBDR-20890Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Villas are based in Bodrum’s Marin road. The complex has high-quality standards equipped with private pools and formal gardens and majestic sea moreYalikavak / Bodrum4+14

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  • Colossal Luxury Villas in the Prestigious Location of BodrumColossal Luxury Villas in the Prestigious Location of BodrumBDR-20833Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Colossal villas situated in a prestigious area in Bodrum. The large villas have beautiful private gardens and private swimming pools and breathtaking sea views.
    read moreYalikavak / Bodrum5+16

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  • Beautiful Bungalow Villas with Jacuzzi in BodrumBeautiful Bungalow Villas with Jacuzzi in BodrumBDR-20747Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Brand new stunning villas are constructed in Yalikavak area of Bodrum. The bungalow style villas have private pool and moreYalikavak / Bodrum3+12

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  • Stone Bungalow Villas in Bodrum with Private GardenStone Bungalow Villas in Bodrum with Private GardenBDR-20801Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Single floor family villas are located in Gundogan, Bodrum. Stone bungalow 3+1 villas have a private garden and a communal moreGundogan / Bodrum3+12

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  • Luxury Private Villa in Gundogan with Garden and PoolLuxury Private Villa in Gundogan with Garden and PoolBDR-20832Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. The luxury villa is located in Gundogan, Bodrum. The 3+1 new villa has private large a garden and swimming moreGundogan / Bodrum3+13

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  • Astonishing Sea View Brand New Villa in Yalikavak BodrumAstonishing Sea View Brand New Villa in Yalikavak BodrumBDR-21016Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Construction of this villa in Yalıkavak was done according to high quality standards. Important family activities’ facilities as well as luxurious restaurants, shops are a short walk moreYalikavak / Bodrum4+13

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  • Luxury Houses in a Popular Location of BodrumLuxury Houses in a Popular Location of BodrumBDR-20955Price ask for priceSOLD OUT. Nature view houses are located in a most popular region of Bodrum Yalikavak. The project has a swiming pool and security moreYalikavak / Bodrum2+1, 3+12

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