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Sea View Apartments and Houses in Turkey

Description of Sea View Property in Turkey

Commonly sellers describes their property as "Sea View" but it has a distance of 2 kilometers to the sea or it has just a very few look to the sea. We list properties on this page as Sea View depending on below criterias. Here is the definition of Sea View by Antalya Homes Real Estate; 

· Open sea view as seafront properties 
· Properties upto 500 meters to the sea and have 1/3 ratio sea view between other buildings. But even the property is 100 meters away from sea but it has just very little view between the buildings, they are not selected as sea view. 
· Properties on the hills like Alanya and Kalkan, have very nice sea view even they are 2-3 km far from the sea, they will be selected well as sea view property. 
· There are some buildings like in Lara, they are some far from the sea but they have open view because of the low rise buildings in front; they will be selected as sea view. 
· Far from sea and they have few view; they will not selected as sea view.

View all sea view properties in Alanya, Antalya, Kalkan, Bodrum and Istanbul. Unfortunately there is NO sea view property in Kemer and Belek according to their city planning.

Sea View Apartments and Houses are Most Chosen Holiday Homes in Turkey

In 2010 alone, nearly 30 million tourists visited Turkey and resided in the amazing apartments and holiday homes. With an ever increasing real estate market, it is not surprising to find an increasing number of tourists choosing Turkey as their holiday home location.

Sea view properties in TurkeyLife by the Sea

In fact, as a global holiday destination, Turkey ranks 6th most visited. In terms of the seaside, tourists love visiting Antalya. In fact, many choose to buy some great sea view apartments and houses in Turkey because of Antalya.

With exceptional entertainment facilities, restaurants, water parks, clubs, museums, parks, beaches and an international airport, it is evident why tourists consider buying homes here. After all, there is a reason why sea view houses Turkey show tremendous growth potential. In fact, the sale of apartments, including sea view apartments, in Turkey, rose by an incredible 18% between 2010 and 2011.

There are literally thousands of reasons why people want to visit Turkey. Whether it is the byzantine architecture, the Turkish culture, the exceptional nightlife, the amazing beaches, the great weather, scuba diving, superb shopping or even the rapidly growing real estate, everyone wants a piece of Turkey.

Interestingly, according to the "Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe" report, Turkey is the number one market to invest in, especially in terms of property such as sea view houses Turkey. This fact has been made even better thanks to the many laws (legislative, land, mortgage and tax) being drafted and already in place.

Holiday Homes

Other than investments, people love buying holiday homes, especially sea view villas in Turkey. They are well spaced, impeccably designed and are always designed in great locality. According to a 2008 market research, 73, 000 people have spent over $10.5 billion U.S dollars on over 63, 000 holiday homes. That was 4 years ago!

Taking tourism into consideration, the number of huge shopping malls in Turkey have increased almost 650% in the last decade and a half alone. 12 years ago, there were only 44 major shopping malls across Turkey. Today, there are nearly 300.


If there is one reason to love Turkey, it's for its locality. Considering the geographic location of Turkey, it serves as a hub to several neighboring countries and continents, especially Europe and Asia. If people in Greek bought sea view apartments in Turkey, they are literally a hop, skip and a jump away from their holiday home. Not only does this save them valuable transport time, it saves them money too.

If you love Turkey and want to experience everything this amazing land has to offer, it is a good idea to purchase a holiday home there. Sea view properties in Turkey are now more affordable than ever and just as easy to acquire. The next time you want to visit Turkey, make sure you have bought a holiday home there first. 63, 000 people, spending over $10.5 billion U.S dollars, can't be wrong.

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