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Resale Apartments and Houses in Turkey

How to Resale Property in Turkey

Resale can be one of the hardest things you ever do. Not only do you have to make your house gleam once again, you have to set the right price. However, resale apartments and houses in Turkey can present itself as a challenge. However, it is not impossible.

How to resale property in TurkeyFix the Small Stuff

Nobody wants to buy a home where the little things don't work. Lighting, plumbing and flooring are all examples of things people do not want to find damaged, leaking or creaking. If you plan to sell your property as a vacation home, the new owners will have little time to fix things up. When they find that many things are not working properly, they will lose interest.

From the small switch on the wall to the water geyser lines, ensure that your house is in perfect working condition. Not only will this increase the value of your home, it will ensure that it sells for a lot more.


The exterior and interior of your home may look great but buyers always look for a new or refurbished house. Nobody wants to paint their entire house right after they have bought it. Therefore, it is important that you apply a fresh coat a paint inside and outside of your home. A great paint job will impress any potential buyer and increase the chances of a buyout.

Considering the Mediterranean climate of Antalya, remember to paint your home when the weather is not too hot or cold, as this will cause problems such as blistering. If you want to resale apartment Turkey, you need to only paint the inside.

Get Some Help

In most cases, you will not be able to everything yourself. Not everyone is an expert painter, carpenter, plumber, salesperson or electrician. It is usually a good idea to have a professional look at your property. They will be able to tell you what exactly needs to be fixed, what needs to be changed, how much it will cost you, how long the repairs will take and how much your homes is worth (now and after).

Appeal to the Right Buyer

Property that sells is one that appealed to the right buyer. You would not sell a large double story family home in a nightlife district. Antalya is a booming city where entertainment and tourism thrives. If you have a 2-bedroom apartment, it may be a good idea to appeal to single adults or a couple if you plan to resale house Antalya. Once you know your niche, give your home such a makeover that it appeals to that specific niche.

‘Re-appeal' to Resale

When you are in a booming real estate market such as Antalya, resale is not easy. With so many options at hand, you have to give your buyer a reason to buy your property in Turkey. Let your buyer know why you bought the property in the first place. Let them know (and imagine) how the house and Antalya charmed you into buying the house. They may buy your home for the same reason.

Always have perfect property rather than broken. Remember to always appeal to the right buyer. Above all, if there is something you cannot do, don't do it; hire a professional instead.

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