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Rental Income Guaranteed Properties for Sale

Antalya Homes Real Estate offers good rental income guaranteed apartments, houses, shops, businesses for sale in Turkey on this listing page. Some of the properties have guaranteed rental income by the construction company itself. We have shops for sale with tenant which already has a long term rental agreement. 

Types of Property Available to Rent in Turkey

Apartments and houses for rent in Belek and Antalya are daily or weekly priced. You can rent / book and pay apartments online through a secure payment system.

You can rent apartments and villas for rent in Antalya when you come for a holiday to Turkey.

There are many options to choose from when considering the different kinds of property available to rent. It is useful to familiarize oneself with these options first. The types of property available include:

1. Houses with Big Garden for Rent

Depending on the location and the size of the house, hires for landed property can vary from € 1,000 to € 10,000 per month. Landed property can be split up into 3 main types:

i. Terrace Houses: These are houses that share common walls with neighbors on either side, unless at the end of a row.

ii. Semi-detached Houses: These houses share one wall in common with a neighbor.

iii. Detached Houses: These houses don't share any wall with other houses.

2. High Buildings and Apartments for Rent

i. HDB Apartments (complete unit or bedroom alone)

A complete unit would cost € 300 to € 1,000 per month roughly to hire in Turkey, while a room can cost between € 100 and € 500.

ii. Room rental

The monthly cost of sharing a flat goes from € 150 to € 250, dependent on whether you are renting a typical or master bedroom. It is important to agree previously on issues eg the sharing of electricity, water and phone bills and privacy rights.

iii. Service Flats

These sometimes have gymnasiums, cafeterias, business centers and cleaning services. The monthly rental costs for these usually range all the way from € 300 to € 1,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, and € 400 to € 1,500 for a two-bedroom flat.

iv. Rental Condos

These are properties with facilities such as security, gyms and pools. Smaller condominiums may not have as many facilities. Monthly rental costs for condominiums typically range between $2,500 and $10,000.

v. Penthouses for rent

Penthouses often have their own pools, rooftop gardens and patios. They top almost all of the high-rise buildings in Singapore. Rental charges usually go from $10,000 to $30,000 monthly.

Rental Conditions

Rental flats come well kitted out, partly furnished or unfurnished.

Well kitted out means the loft comes with a complete set of furniture, appliances (e.g. TV, microwave cooker) and white products (e.g. Chiller, washer).

Partly furnished means the apartment incorporates the fundamental white products, lights and curtains, but no or little furniture.

Unfurnished means the house is renovated but bare, perhaps only with the lights fitted. Of course, it is usually possible to request for the landlord to add items "these can all be bartered before you sign the rental agreement and can be integrated into the rent charges.

Given these circumstances, particularly in Antalya, you can easily find many rental apartments in Antalya, apartments in Belek and apartments in Konyaaltı.

Read more about Rental Terms and Conditions

7 Steps to Rent in Turkey

After you are familiar with the options available, you can take the following steps to rent the property you are interested in.

1. Decide on Your Position

Having a budget under consideration will help you decide the sort of property to hire, as well as its location. Ensure your budget is flexible enough to stop situations where you are unable to find a house that's both within your resources as well as in a specific location of your preference.

2. Decide on the Type of Property and the Location

Factors to take into account when making this decision include the facilities you need, the general public transport options, the age and number of family members, the distance to office or college districts and the conveniences you would like, such as supermarkets and libraries.

3. Gather a Pool of Particular Options

First, inspect classified ads as well as property internet sites to come up with a catalog of potential properties that fit your selections on location, budget and other considerations. You can also engage one or two agents to help in your search.

4. Prepare for Property Viewings

Visit the shortlisted properties and take stills and notes on each to help you make a decision later. It is useful to visit at different times of the day to get an idea of the neighborhood. You can then shortlist further and do a second viewing if necessary. Make a note of any repairs or additional furniture you want to have before you move in.

5. Sign the Letter of Intent

Once you settle on the home you want to lease you usually then sign a Letter of Intent (LOI), which states your design to lease, as well as any requirements you have. Concentrate on the following parts of the LOI:

- The Diplomatic/Repatriation Clause. This sometimes allows you to end the contract after 2 months ' notice and claim your security deposit, in the event that you're transferred to another country by your company or lose your job.

- Booking/Good faith Deposit. This is usually one month's rent. After the LOI has been signed and this has been paid, the owner can't rent the property to others.

- Security Deposit. This is usually one month's rent per year of a lease. Once the lease term is over, this amount will be reimbursed. If any costs arise because of the tenant breaking the terms in the Tenancy Agreement (e.g. Damages to the property), the owner can subtract a fair amount from this deposit.

- Lease Term. The standard lease term is one year or longer, and the accord may include a renewal option, which typically requires 2 or 3 months ' advance notice to exercise.

- Wants. State your needs (such as new furniture) clearly. Once the LOI is signed, the owner is required to provide all that's requested for.

6. Sign the Tenancy Agreement

After signing the LOI and putting down a deposit, you'll then sign the Rental Agreement. You will also need to pay the advance hire along with the signing. Be aware of the following components:

- Ensure that terms concluded in the LOI are also present in the Tenancy Contract.

- Installation and monthly charges. You are generally accountable for the installation charges and monthly bills for the water, gas and electricity supply, residential phone line, cable television and broadband web connection. Occasionally you can barter a few of these into the contract, e.g. Cable television or Internet bill.

- Repair and Maintenance. You will be responsible for mend works that don't exceed a specific amount, sometimes € 50-300, unless the repair needed is due to your failure. Also, certain maintenance services like gardening and pool cleaning will be at your cost.

Also, you could have to pay the agent half a month's to a month's commission dependent on the lease term.

7. Taking Over the Property

Check the inventory list to make certain that all items are present, and note if there are any defects. Also, make sure you collect a complete set of keys.

  • 5-Star Hotel 300 mt to the Beach in Side, Antalya5-Star Hotel 300 mt to the Beach in Side, AntalyaTIC-148Price 29.503.500 €5-tar hotel for sale is located in Side, 300 mt to the beach. The hotel has 3 million € yearly rental income. 372 room capacity hotel is positioned in the third street from the moreSide / Antalya36.000 m²

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  • Commercial Properties Fit for Investment in Kepez AntalyaCommercial Properties Fit for Investment in Kepez AntalyaTIC-146from 89.500 €The commercial properties are situated on the main road in Kepez, Antalya. The stores are just across the local bazaar and 500 meters to Kepez State moreKepez / Antalya

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  • Modernly-Designed Properties with Family Concept in TrabzonModernly-Designed Properties with Family Concept in TrabzonTRB-132from 46.400 €Properties in Ortahisar, Trabzon are rental income guaranteed. The properties are surrounded by nature’s clean air and fit for family concept. Discount advantage properties are also come with installment advantage.
    read moreOrtahisar / Trabzon3+1336 Months

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  • Profitable Commercial Properties in Bahcesehir IstanbulProfitable Commercial Properties in Bahcesehir IstanbulIST-503from 111.300 €Investment commercial properties are situated in a perfect location with a dynamic population in Istanbul. Profitable commercial properties offering various size options have rental income moreBahcesehir / Istanbul91 m²

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  • Commercial Real Estate with Rental Income in TrabzonCommercial Real Estate with Rental Income in TrabzonTRB-144from 308.100 €Profitable commercial real estate with high investment value is situated in Trabzon. The commercial real estate suitable for each sector thanks to its spacious shops&offices and offers a rental income guarantee of 9% in a unique moreOrtahisar / Trabzon208 m²12 Months

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  • Commercial Properties with Tenant in Avcılar, İstanbulCommercial Properties with Tenant in Avcılar, İstanbulIST-502from 126.000 €Tenant ready commercial properties are located in Avcılar, İstanbul in a luxury complex with active location for investment. Shops are in the walking distance from main street, social and daily amenities. read moreAvcilar / Istanbul76 m²

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  • Title Deed Ready Commercial Real Estate in IstanbulTitle Deed Ready Commercial Real Estate in IstanbulIST-461from 306.700 €Well-located commercial real estate is situated in Esenyurt Istanbul, on the link between TEM and E5 Highway. Commercial real estate offers a 4% monthly rental income guarantee for 2 years and is part of a huge project of 1200 moreEsenyurt / Istanbul76 m²24 Months

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  • Newly Built Villa Offering Investment Opportunity in BelekNewly Built Villa Offering Investment Opportunity in BelekBLK-103Price 317.000 €Detached villa with a sauna and dressing room is located in Belek, Turkey. 5 bedroom villa offers a rental income guarantee and a private living area with a private pool and large garden area supported by 24/7 security moreCenter / Belek6+1512 Months

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  • New Properties 250 mt to the Sea in the Center of AlanyaNew Properties 250 mt to the Sea in the Center of AlanyaALN-428from 74.000 €New properties with rental income guarantee are located in a residential complex in the center of Alanya. The properties are within walking distance of social amenities and just 250 mt to the moreCenter / Alanya1+1, 1+01

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  • Rental Income Guaranteed Commercial Real Estate in IstanbulRental Income Guaranteed Commercial Real Estate in IstanbulIST-463from 464.900 €Rental income guaranteed commercial real estate are located in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul. The commercial properties have valuable brand moreBeylikduzu / Istanbul79 m²36 Months

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