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Real Estate News in Turkey

Architectural House Styles in TurkeyArchitectural House Styles in TurkeyIn Turkey, the architectural style is a combination of many civilizations' styles from Western to Eastern architectures, and houses in Turkey aim to meet all the needs of residents. We listed for you many types of houses you can find in Turkey right now from the traditional designs to the newest ones. 18.08.2020Explore Turkish Realty’s First Issue is Published!Explore Turkish Realty’s First Issue is Published!We’re pleased to announce the launch of Explore Turkish Realty created by GIGDER! The new magazine features the most accurate and current data related to the real estate sector in Turkey every two months. 11.08.2020Best Places to Buy a Holiday House in Mediterranean RegionBest Places to Buy a Holiday House in Mediterranean RegionIn this article, we will talk about which activities are preferred more in which regions and the features of the houses you might want to buy. If you are planning to buy a summer house in Antalya that appeals to all kinds of holiday needs, do not miss this article! 27.07.2020It is the Right Time for Buying Property in TurkeyIt is the Right Time for Buying Property in TurkeyAccording to the report prepared by IGD (Istanbul Real Estate Valuation), when we look to the housing price index based on gold in Turkey, real estate investments offer a good opportunity especially for foreign investors who want to purchase real estate in Turkey. 16.07.2020New Preferences on Turkish Property Market After COVID-19New Preferences on Turkish Property Market After COVID-19As we progress further into this global pandemic and prohibitions on public places are slowly being lifted, many people are planning big life changes to keep themselves and families safe. And those changes are certainly having a lasting effect on real estate in Turkey. 14.07.2020Buying a Car and Traveling to TurkeyBuying a Car and Traveling to TurkeyTurkey has a large and extensive transportation system. The transportation infrastructure is well known to be one of the best in the region. Many people prefer to buy a car in Turkey or to drive their own car during their visit to Turkey. Read our article to learn about buying a car in Turkey and travelling to Turkey by car. 4.07.2020From Antalya Homes Emlak AŞ to Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞFrom Antalya Homes Emlak AŞ to Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞProceeding to be a global leader in overseas property sales, we are proud to announce the change of our company name from Antalya Homes Emlak AŞ to Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ. 26.06.2020International Flights Start to TurkeyInternational Flights Start to TurkeyAfter successfully dealing with the coronavirus, Turkey has reduced the travel restrictions imposed by the global epidemic at the time of its outbreak and resumed domestic and international flights. 16.06.2020Turkey Revealed COVID-19 Normalization PlanTurkey Revealed COVID-19 Normalization PlanTurkey has initiated the normalization process following the statement of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying "We aim to transition to normal after Ramadan". In the normalization process, the 4-stage road map is planned. 19.05.2020How Does Turkey Fight Against COVID-19?How Does Turkey Fight Against COVID-19?Turkey has been able to slow down the epidemic thanks to the precautions taken when the epidemic first broke out in other countries such as cancelling the flights, stocking medicines and starting production of protection materials. 25.04.2020
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