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Properties for Sale in Kemer by Antalya Homes Real Estate

Kemer is a magnificent coastal resort at the foot of the grand Taurus Mountain. It is a part of the Antalya Province and is situated on the Mediterranean coastline, 40 km from Antalya. Kemer was previously a quiet, rural district until 20 years ago when it was increasingly being swamped by holiday complexes making it an important part of Turkish tourism. Today Kemer is packed with stylish hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars in its city center and in its suburbs like Aslanbucak, Kiriş, Çamyuva, and Tekirova. Not to mention the historical ruins that talk about a rich past and picturesque coasts that give out a sense of serenity like Phaselis.

Kemer MarinaKemer is an ideal choice for tourists and natives wanting to get out of the hustle bustle of the city, take a break from their mundane life and simply relax. The seas, mountains, and pine forests all together make Kemer an ideal travel destination. Be it the yacht tours that let tourists explore the magical beauty, hidden bays and natural panoramas, or a walk along the pavements to catch carpet weavers at work and enjoy Turkish specialties such as gözleme (pancakes) and ayran (yogurt drink), Kemer is an amazing beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Kemer is the wonderful place to buy a property in Turkey. There are lots of luxury apartments for sale close to the beach. There are many properties for sale Camyuva and Kiris. Search for property in Kemer for sale and property prices in Kemer.

Since Kemer is gaining popularity with tourists, property in Kemer is being seen as a profitable investment. Because it is abundant with beautiful surroundings and historical artifacts, real estate in Kemer is appealing if you are seeking high return investments. Many foreign residents are considering purchasing property in Kemer and quite a few expats have already bought property in recent years. Not only is the properties in Kemer being viewed as simply an investment opportunity but many also view it as a permanent home.

Kemer property prices are expected to rise in a few years as more and more people are showing interest in Kemer as a luxurious and beautiful retreat. Real estate in Kemer looks promising and is expected to grow steadily. The property market has maintained a steady growth over the last few years because Kemer offers people the chance to escape the crowds. You can purchase Kemer property for sale and use it as a second home or lease the property when it is vacant to both tourists and natives.

Different areas of Kemer have different property market values. You can obtain a wide assortment of properties such as modern villas, classy country houses, luxurious apartments and more according to your taste and budget. Antalya Homes Real Estate thus offers an excellent investment opportunity to invest with a high capital rate of return in Kemer.

Being only 55 km to the international airport to Kemer and 45 km to the city of Antalya, having fully equipped private hospitals and quality private schools, Kemer can be seen as a profitable deal. You can enjoy basking in the sun 300 days a year on its awesome beaches, ski the snow-covered mountains, play golf, enjoy delicious local food, watch FIA World rally Championship, view historical sites, and more in Kemer. All this is much easier when you have a beautiful holiday home in Kemer.

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