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Real Estate in Kalkan | Property in Kalkan for Sale

Kalkan Properties for Sale by Antalya Homes

Kalkan is a town near the Turkish Mediterranean coast and an important tourist destination in Antalya. The area includes many historical sites (such as Tlos and Kekova) and many fine beaches (including Patara Beach & Kaputaş Beach). There are 2 international airports in this area. One of them is Dalaman airport and it is just 1,5 hours faraway from Kalkan, the second one is Antalya.

Kalkan properties for sale by Antalya Homes

Kalkan is an old fishing town and safe harbor between Kaş and Fethiye; Luxury Kalkan villas and Kalkan apartments are famous for its white-washed properties in Antalya, descending to the sea. Kalkan has averages 300 days of sunshine a year. You can enjoy its awesome beaches.

Kalkan was an important harbor town until the 1970s as the only seaport for the environs. It declined after the construction of Fethiye road but revived after the emergence of the tourism industry in the region. Although part of the Antalya province administratively, Kalkan is connected more closely to Fethiye economically and for transportation.

British newspaper "The Independent" listed Kalkan among the best tourist destinations for 2007. The paper recommended Kalkan especially for those seeking a romantic vacation and who do not want to travel far from their home country in Europe.

According to a 2012 survey, 96% of visitors to Kalkan during 2011 were from the United Kingdom. The breakdown was: UK England (82%), UK Scotland (9%), UK Wales (3%), UK NI (2%).

The property prices are expected to increase over the next few years, the real estate sector is facing a boom. It is clear that Kalkan, a small town in Antalya is also expecting an increase in prices in the real estate market. The real estate investors outside the country have influenced a lot as they find it the right place to put their money in. The location of the country is something that inspires people to invest their money, located in the Euro Zone, still, the prices of property in Turkey is less as compared to other parts of Europe. This is the main reason why people wish to have their own home or villa to spend their lives in a peaceful and quality lifestyle. The investors are getting a fair return on investment in terms of rental return in the Kalkan area. The wide coastal line attracts a lot of tourists and lending the property to them is the best option. In recent years, property for sale in Kalkan has so much interest from foreigners.

Turkey is the country with a rich tradition and great history. Culture and historical places attract people from all over the world to see this amazing country. The peaceful environment and modern country, it is popular among the tourist. Frankly, it has provided the tourist the blend of east and west in one place. Regarded as the land of history and rich tradition, the low property prices have attracted a local and international investor to invest in the real estate market of the country. The country is located in the Euro Zone and the economy of the country is strong this is the main reason people love to buy their property in this part of the world. Real estate in Kalkan is certainly the correct destination for a dream holiday. It is wise to invest in real estate because prices of property are expected to rise in the future. The focus is on the development of new projects in this area, many projects are being started by the investment from overseas investors building flats and apartments for the people. The government is taking steps to make the country more prone to foreign investment by taking steps. Now you can buy property in Turkey after clearance from the military.

The country is trying to boost tourism that will certainly attract more investment in the real estate market. The airlines are also expanding their services so it means that buying a property in Kalkan is certainly a valuable option for you. The other major reasons why people are looking to buy homes or property in Turkey, the weather condition is usually warm in this part of Europe, the peaceful environment, the superb location, and the modern infrastructure with low cost of living make it a hot option for the international investors. It is also attracting retired people to buy their houses, homes, and flats in this area of Kalkan. The property is less in cost as compared to London and Paris.

The population is increasing in Kalkan so there is a great need for home and flats for the local people. The international investors have started projects and people have shown great interest in buying homes and flats. There has been great interest shown by Arabs, Germans, and Russian and American investors to invest in the real estate market of Kalkan. According to the property analyst, Turkey has become a heaven for the Middle East investors. Turkey has launched a campaign to attract more real estate investors so that investment comes in the country and it will certainly promote the lifestyle of people. It is an exciting time for investment in real estate as prices are expected to increase.

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