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Real Estate in Alanya | Property in Alanya for Sale

Since 2004, Antalya Homes Emlak A.Ş. is the company behind Turkey’s leading real estate brands: Antalya Homes ®, Istanbul Homes ®, Trabzon Homes ® and Bursa Homes ®.

We have a wide range of property including houses, apartments, commercial properties and lands in Alanya. When you consider buying a property in Alanya, you may visit our office in Alanya, Kızıl Pınarı Neighborhood or contact us today. We are a local property expert in Alanya, we provide service in 19 languages including English, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Russian, etc.

First Plane Landing At Gazipaşa Airport and Effects on Alanya Property Prices

Alanya is a beautiful beach resort city that has long stretches of silky sand beaches and five-star hotels littered along the pristine coastline. Alanya is famous for its Mediterranean climate, historic heritage, and natural attractions. It enjoys the reputation of being a famous tourist destination making up to 9 percent of Turkey's tourism sector. Whether it is sunbathing during the day, exquisite dining in the evening, crazy partying into the night or exploring an ancient mesmerizing fortress, Alanya offers spectacular views.

Alanya's splendor has also attracted holiday home owners and investors to the extent that almost one-third of foreign purchases of real estate in the country are made in Alanya. Not only is Alanya's Mediterranean weather and expanding tourism the reason behind the growing interest in property in Alanya for sale but low Alanya property prices and low cost of living are major motivators. Real estate in Alanya comprises of attractive holiday apartment complexes, beach villas, and townhouses in suburbs and city center.

Alanya CastleThe stunning resort metropolis, Alanya, welcomed the successful opening of the nearby Gazipaşa by airport operators TAV (Tepe Akfen Airport Holding) for both domestic and international flights in 2010. Gazipaşa Airport is a mere 33km from Alanya city center, as compared to the Antalya international airport which is around 90 minutes away from Alanya. With Gazipaşa Airport, being just 30 minutes away from property Alanya, it has become an international real estate hotspot.

The first plane landing at Gazipaşa Airport in 2010 has given a massive boost to the development and sales property in Alanya. The real estate sector covering both commercial and residential markets has experienced an increase in Alanya property prices by 20 to 25%. Real estate Alanya is now being considered as a high growth market in par with the more established markets. Foreign investors are highly attracted because properties in Alanya offers impressive ROI (returns on investment) and year-round rental potential.

Alanya being a famous tourist destination will continue to attract tourists and therefore apartments and villas will definitely appreciate in the long run. Moreover, being a growing city, it has attracted people not only from neighboring cities but also from other European countries to settle down. This implies that investors can look forward to reliable rental returns throughout the year. With low taxes on Alanya property for sale and purchase along with greater accessibility as a result of the Gazipaşa Airport, many investors see property in Alanya as a profitable investment. If you want to be own a real estate in Alanya from this spectacular holiday destination, please check apartments for sale in Alanya and villas for sale in Alanya.

Safe to say, the opening of the Gazipaşa Airport has radically changed the landscape of Alanya with a new property being developed and expanding the city on both sides of the fortress. The brilliant metropolis with its tropical weather, diverse assortment of real estate, stunning beaches, historic sites, a lively marina and harbor, restaurants, nightclubs and shops has drawn a plethora of property buyers to the location. To view remarkable quality properties in Alanya and property in Antalya that offer breathtaking views, visit Antalya Homes Office or call at +90 242 324 54 94.

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Our office in Alanya on Kızlar Pınarı Street has easy access to public transportation. You may use the following transportation method to reach our office:

Bus: Get on 2, 202 or B04 numbered bus and drop off at Kızlar Pınarı Street, first stop. It takes a few minutes to reach our office from there.

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