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Property for Sale in Kaleiçi

Ottoman Style Houses and Modern Properties for Sale in Kaleiçi

Kaleiçi is downtown (city center) of Antalya. Antalya Homes has hotels, old Ottoman style houses and modern properties for sale in Kaleiçi, Turkey. You can easily find real estate for sale in Kaleici, Antalya on this website.

Hadrian Gates in KaleiciThe price of property in Turkey is on high in last few years. It is an attractive option for the people to invest in the real estate sector of the country. Antalya, Kaleiçi is certainly one of the most visited parts of the country. Once you come to Antalya, make sure that you come to see Kaleici as it was the historical part of Antalya. It is clear that people want to buy property in Antalya because it is the attractive place for the tourist. There are plenty of ancient homes and Ottoman houses you can find that still requires a renovation and restoration. If you have the budget, clearly it is viable investment in the historical city. There is high demand for accommodation in the city as hotels in the city are occupied mostly all year. If you have your house in Kaleici you can yield better rental return on investment in this case.

It has been notice that Turkey is among the top destination where people all over the world want to invest. Real estate sector is getting a lot of investment from local as well as international buyers. It is clear that there has been major interest in real estate from the Middle East buyers and the Russian Millionaires. The reason behind this is simple, the prices of property in Turkey is getting increase day by day and still the rate of property in country is relatively low as compared to other parts of Europe. Antalya’s old town Kaleici has great culture and historical importance. According to the news survey there has have been a lot of interest shown by the international buyers in property in Kaleici.

It is among the favorite destination for the tourist with historical and cultural importance. There has been a lot of castle and fort you will find in this old town of Antalya. Property in Kaleici is certainly a top choice for the investors as it is highly profitable especially the places located near Mediterranean Sea. Certainly it is a dream land for the retire European as they don’t want to leave the fairy tale land. The villas can be renovate and redecorate those were in bad condition. The top hotel owner said that he has invested 50 million in this region so it speaks well about the profitability in this part of the country.

When you talk about apartments, Flats and villas in Antalya are certainly appear in your mind but at this location the hotels and boutique hotels are very profitable because you can’t find streets empty all year. It is clear that you have to renovate the old building and it is hard that you will find new constructed building in this area as it is declared as preservation district. The population is increasing in this part of the country. The word Kaleici means inside the kale and the word Kale means castle or fortress. To be very honest, it is true that Turkey has something for everyone in this world. The breath taking views and the historical locations attracts people towards country.

Now people who are not citizens of Turkish Republic may also buy property for sale in Kaleici because government is taking steps to increase the investment in real estate sector. Now people of that country where Turkish people can buy property can have their own apartment, home or piece of land in country after clearance from military agencies. Antalya is the third most visited place in Europe after London and Paris. You can imagine the attractiveness in real estate sector of old town Kaleici that is famous for its historical beauty. So if you are planning to buy property in old town Kaleiçi, make sure you hire the services of realtors because they will guide you in a perfect manner to find the appropriate Antalya apartments.

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