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Property for Sale with Credit from Construction Company

Antalya Homes co-operates with reputable construction companies in Antalya, Alanya and İstanbul. There are few builders who makes property purchase easier to the foreing property buyers. They understand how difficult it is to receive a bank loan in Turkey for overseas property. It is not that difficult anymore with installments. In this credit listing page you will find fine property for sale with credit from construction company available from the builders.

Advantages of Credit from the Construction Company;

Property for sale with Installments plan from construction company

- Zero interest for one year

- The interest rate is lower than the bank mortgage rates

- There isn't any loan cost or bank fee

- No credit documents required

- Pay %70 of the property value and receive your title deed (tapu) on your behalf with hypothec

- Take your keys directly and pay the rest upto 60 months

- 60 months rental fee stays in your pocket

Example Credit Calculation:

Whenever you pay %50 cash and take your key. You may pay the rest in 24 to 60 months by installments. Whenever you pay %70, you may take your title deed (tapu) on your behalf with hypothec. This credit is given directly from the Construction Company.

You buy an apartment for 60.000 Euro. Pay 30.000 EUR as down-payment and the remaining 30.000 EUR with 60 months payment plan.

If you pay the remaining 30.000 Euro within 1 year (12 months) installment, you need to pay 2500 Euro each month without any interest.

If you choose to pay the remaining 30.000 Euro in 5 years, you will be asked to pay 595 Euro each month with a total payment of 35.700 Euro at the end.

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