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President of Romania Appeals to the European Union for Turkey’s Membership Bid


European Union Should Send Positive Motions To Turkey

According to Traian Basescu, the president of Romania, the European Union should send positive motions to Turkey, emphasizing that Turkey, which is a candidate country of being a member of the European Union, brings a significant contribution to the countries that are covered by the European Union, such as North Africa and the Middle East.

In a private interview with a Turkish newspaper, Today's Zaman, before the President Traian Basescu goes to Turkey, he stated that the European Union needs Turkey as much as the country needs the European Union. Reiterating the strong support of Romania for the membership bid of Turkey to the European Union, the President of Romania stated that his country will keep on advocating the necessity of the European Union to further send positive motions to Turkey.

There have no sections that have been initiated throughout the past three European Union administrations, a time of almost 18 months, throughout which Croatia, the nation that began agreement discussions on precisely similar time as Turkey, administered to make significant advancement that made it the European Union authorize its agreement treaty. The development on talks between Turkey and the European Union was primarily stopped over conflicts with Greek Cyprus, a member of the European Union, and opposition from Austria, Germany and France.

Turkey plays a vital role in European Union

President Traian Basescu added that Turkey brings a significant contribution and plays a vital role in the wider neighborhood of the European Union, as well as portraying a dynamic part in the annual events of Northern Africa and the Middle East. The Romanian President mentioned that he appreciates the proposal of the European Commission for an optimistic plan of main concerns with Ankara, which was previously given support by the European Council; which visualizes improving the recent negotiation procedure with Turkey in places of common interest.

Rejecting proposals that Turkey doesn't fit in to be a member of the European Union, President Traian Basescu claimed that Turkey has shown several times of its European inclination. The Romanian President noted that the history of Turkey has been related to Europe, while the values of being a European country have been among the identities of Turkey. He commended the active economy of Turkey, which has been on the subject of considerable investment and trade connections with the European Union.

Also, President Traian Basescu had a few suggestions for the government of Turkey, stating that improvements aren't only restricted to aspirant European Union countries but are also required for the union's members.

Turkey vs EU

The Romanian President concluded that the membership of European Union is a procedure that is widely reviewed before agreement, and that carries on through reorganizations which was also put into practice after becoming a member of the European Union. As a country member of the European Union, Romania is appropriately performing its obligations and upholding its interests in the same way with the general European interest. The message of the Romanian leader concentrated on several aspects that are crucial to the bid of Turkey of becoming a member of the European Union.

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