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Palestinians are Now Able to Buy Property in Turkey with Travel Document


Travel Document for Palestinian Refugees

Palestinians’ identification documents were not valid and recognized by Turkish authorities for property purchasing. In the current situation, it is necessary to have a recognized passport of a country in order to buy a property in Turkey. Therefore, it was not possible for them to buy a house in Turkey. Now, the amendment made in the related circular on 06.03.2019 made it possible for Palestinians to buy a real estate in Turkey with their travel documents. This rule also applies to citizens of other countries, who hold travel documents such as Egyptian, Lebanese and etc.

In addition to that; buying a property without a passport, for the travel document holders, is possible only if they issue the "stateless certificate".

This was also the situation for many Palestinians who wish to buy a house in Turkey. Bayram Tekçe, Chairman of Antalya Homes, the leading international real estate agency in Turkey, which has helped thousands of foreigners obtain a home in Turkey to date, stated that many Palestinians applied for buying a property in Turkey, but it was not possible for them to get a title deed.

Bayram Tekçe said “We have detected that the obstacle for Palestinians to buy a house in Turkey is that their travel documents were not recognized as valid officially. So, we took the initiative and we have shared our comments and suggestions with authorities for solving the problem”. As a result of the negotiations initiated by Bayram Tekçe and the Ministry of Economy, Governorship of Istanbul Immigration Management Office, the circular of 16.09.2013 was revised on 06.03.2019. Taking into consideration the situation, the authorities have made an exception on the circular for Palestinians and removed the obstacles for buying a property with travel document. With this arrangement, the property sale to the Palestinians was made possible.

Palestinians Can Get a Turkish Citizenship

With the regulation published in September 2018, foreigners, who buy a property in Turkey with a minimum value of 250.000 USD, may be granted for Turkish citizenship. Now, Palestinians also can benefit from this right and apply for Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property. Only, should be noted that for travel documents issued by some certain countries (Egypt, Syria) the approval will be evaluated by the governmental authorities.

Turkish real estate market has become one of the most important markets for foreign property buyers recently. Antalya Homes, which plays an active role in the improvement of the property sales to foreigners, determines the problems and create solutions with authorities for these issues, will continue to be a pioneer in the healthy development of the sector. Our company, which operates in Turkey with brands of Antalya Homes, İstanbul Homes, and Trabzon Homes, believes that will gain the appreciation of Palestinians. Thus, we invite Palestinians to Turkey for their property investments. Click to see our list of property for sale in Turkey.

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