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Antalya Homes' Construction Projects

Antalya Homes has developed River Golf Resort in 2010. We were under-contractor at Lara Golf Apartments in 2011. Villa Deren is Antalya Homes' construction project.

Construction Sector in Turkey

The construction sector of Turkey is truly one of the finest in the world. In fact, 33 of the greatest construction companies in the worlds come from Turkey. In fact, China was the only country that is ahead of Turkey in the construction sector in 2009.

In 2011, the Turkish construction sector had more than 500 projects under its belt. These projects alone were worth $20 billion. In fact, in the last 3 decades, the Turkish construction sector has developed more than 6000 projects totaling over $200 billion. The construction sector has seen steady growth of roughly 7-10% a year.

In fact, according to many reports, construction in Turkey has increased by almost 11% between July 2011 and September 2011. Property development in Turkey is one of the biggest areas of development in Turkey. This can be seen by the rough 10% rise in public investment in 2011. However, the private sector continues to fund most of the construction works in Turkey.

Our project Villa Deren

It is due to the investments by the private sector that Turkey continues to flourish rapidly. In comparison to the public sector, the private sector has aided in the construction of a lot more buildings, both residential and commercial.

With continued and increasing support from the private sector, the construction sector in Turkey could rise to new and unimaginable heights. It may just rank 1st in the world.

The increase in household sales can easily attest to the increase in the construction sector. In comparison to April-June 2010 sales, the sale of households between April June 2011 increased by approximately 21.5%.

If there is one thing that property development in Turkey needs is reduced taxes. Most will contend to this fact considering how low the taxes in Turkey already are. Furthermore, differing instruments of finance are also required to accommodate the expansion of this sector. Finally, the cost of energy should also be reduced if the sector is to flourish.

The fact is that Turkey uses very expensive energy in many cases to fund its construction sector. If the cost of energy were to be reduced, Turkey could rise from its seventh position in world cement manufacturing. Their position as 5th in the production of marble and natural stone also aid the sector. Turkey ranks at number 10 in steel and iron manufacturing.

The Turkish construction sector is made up of more than 200,000 small and large companies. These companies employ more than 1.5 million registered employees. This is 6% of Turkey's GDP.

It is interesting to note though that the combination of sellers, distributors, contractors, product manufacturers, engineer, architects and product exporters account for 35% of the gross domestic product. This means that over 3 million people are registered within the construction sector, working together to build a better Turkey, a better tomorrow.

With time and continued funding, the Turkish construction center will continue to grow and flourish faster than ever before. With increasing support from the public sector, it could flourish even faster.

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