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Tahtali Mountain Attracts Villa Owners in Kemer

If there is one reason to come to Kemer, it's for the splendid Tahtali Mountain. The Tahtali Mountain is one of the highest mountain in Western Coast of Turkey, rising to a height of 2366 meters. In fact, this very mountain has attracted scores of villa owners in Kemer.

The Tahtali Mountain and Cableway

The Tahtali Mountain is actually a part of the "Tahtali Dağları" mountain range. These mountains start from Antalya bay and slowly increase in height until it reaches Tahtali Mountain at 2366 meters. In fact, there is no other mountain that is so high yet so impeccably close to the sea.

The Tahtali Aerial Cableway has started operating in September 2007. After a drive through the Beydaglari National Park you reach the cable car base station. From here, visitors will be taken up via the cable car on new modern cabins upto the mountain. This spectacular cable travle takes 12 minutes time from 700 meters to 2.365 meters. The cabin interior is spacious with large panoramic windows that offer spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding beautiful environment. See here the webcam of Tahtali Cableway

Kemer villas for sale in the natureChanges in Purchasing Patterns

When most people plan to purchase property on foreign soil, they look for places by the beach, near restaurants and shopping malls. However, times are changing. One thing that tourists love is a majestic view. This is where the Tahtali Mountain comes into view, literally.

Very few Kemer villas are located so perfectly like those near the Tahtali Mountain. If you are looking for a Kemer house for sale, then purchase one near the Tahtali Mountain. Not only do you get a splendid view of this majestic mountain, you are also close to hundreds of restaurants and clubs and a plethora of shopping malls and beaches.

Real Estate in Kemer

Kemer real estate market is already very high thanks to the purchases of many houses in Kemer. Hundreds of tourists come every year to Kemer looking for a wholesome vacation. Fortunately, Kemer is able to provide this. With golden beaches, a vibrant nightlife, historic locations and the Tahtali Mountain, it is difficult to pass up a chance to purchase property here. You can find many properties with cheap price in here.

Nowadays, the Tahtali Mountain's beauty has been attracting an increasing number of villa owners in Kemer. Not only do you get to have fun at night, visit the beach during the day, but you also get to climb a majestic mountain. If tourists don't plan to climb the mountain (highly unlikely), they can always watch its beauty from the comfort of their home.

As evident, an increasing number of house owners are choosing to purchase houses and apartments in Kemer because of the magnificent Tahtali Mountain. Although, it is not the only reason why villa owners come to Kemer. It is, after all, quite an attraction. Nothing really says majestic like looking at a beautiful mountain. If you get the time, why not take a hike on it?

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