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Kemer Apartments | Kemer Apartment for Sale

Kemer apartments for sale in Aslanbucak, Kiriş, Çamyuva and Tekirova.

Beaches of Kemer and Foreign Apartment Buyers

Kemer is a true tropical paradise for any tourist visiting Turkey. Kemer is not far from Antalya and is interestingly close to the Taurus Mountain Range. What was once a small fishing town has now become one of the greatest hotspots in all of Turkey. With so many beaches, clubs, restaurants and shopping centers, who could pass up a chance to stay in an apartment in Kemer?

Amazing Kemer viewWhy Kemer?

Foreign apartment buyers love Kemer for its natural beauty, golden beaches and plethora of fun activities. Most tourists buy property in Kemer because they need an affordable place to stay when they come year after year.

Most Kemer properties for sale are actually highly affordable. Foreign buyers choose to spend little money on the apartments because they will normally be out for most of the day and a great deal of the night. However, to save on hotel costs, they purchase apartments. Considering the highly affordable prices of Kemer apartments, it's hard to see why anyone wouldn't want to buy one.

One reason couples love purchasing flats here is due to the quite life that Kemer offers. Not only are there many places to visit and things to do in Kemer, but serenity can be easily sought. Adding the panoramic view of the Taurus Mountain Range into the equation, and you have yourself a pretty nifty location.

There are 3 main beaches in Kemer. These include Moonlight Beach, Adrasan Bay and Kemer Beach. There are many smaller beaches but it's simpler to consolidate them.

Moonlight Beach

One reason tourists love coming to Moonlight beach is that it is so well preserved. Moonlight beach is an award-winning beach that has been praised for its cleanliness and its positive environmental attitude. There will not be a moment where you see the beach littered with trash. In fact, there will never be moment where you do not feel nature's loving vibes.

Adrasan or Cavus Bay Beaches

If there is one thing better than a clean beach, it's a clean beach with pristine waters. Fortunately, this is exactly what Adrasan, or Cavus Bay, offers. If there is a Kemer apartment for sale near this bay, you can bet that tourists have their eyes on it. This is especially true for couples who want nothing more than tranquil, romantic and quite vacations.

Kemer Beach

Kemer Beach is one of the best beaches in all of Turkey. It is in fact different from most of the beaches in Turkey, even Olimpos beach. Kemer Beach offers a more modern approach to beaches. In fact, there are 2 different types of beaches in Kemer beach. There is a golden sandy beach and a pebbly beach as well. When searching for a house in Kemer, foreign real estate buyers choose apartments close to Kemer Beach.

Whether it is peace and quiet being sought, or some great beaches, overflowing with natural beauty, Kemer has it all. Tourists that come here often do the smart thing and purchase apartments here, saving costs on expensive hotels and spending more on luxuries.

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