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How Does Golf Make Belek Attractive?


How Does Golf Make Belek Attractive?

Golfing in Belek is preferred by people from all over the world. Its natural beauties, proximity to the sea, other features make Belek people’s attraction point. Belek is located 30 km away from the International Antalya Airport.

A Brief History of Tourism in Antalya, Belek

Belek has often known only a village until the 1980’s and the 1990’s. In 1984, the government had issued a decree that Belek is a tourism area.

In 1996, government agencies and many tourism companies started to built hotels, beaches and golf courses. Belek has a rising star in it: Golf tourism.

Golf Tourism in Belek

It has sub-genres by its area features. Health tourism, winter tourism, faith tourism, etc. Every genre can have a tourism area. Thus, makes golf a tourism genre.

Let's take a look at the features that make Belek advantageous for golf:

- Unique natural and historical texture: Government agencies do not allow vertical and distorted construction to disrupt naturalness in Belek. People can visit historical places, especially Aspendos Theatre and Perga Ancient City.

- Favorable geographical conditions: The proximity to the main road and the sea, flat and large areas make it attractive here.

- Investments on behalf of golf sports and tourism: By 2018, Belek has 26 golf courses in its facilities. It has hosted many golf tournaments since 2001, including home to the World Championship in 2012. Hosting famous golf players including Tiger Woods. This has led many domestic and foreign tourists to go to Belek. Some of them go for taking a day trip, some of them go for staying in hotels, some of them go for settling.

Settling in Belek

People are mostly preferred Belek for its golf courses. Golf players, golf teachers, hobbyists, organizations, etc. It is possible to say that there are quite large estates in Belek due to the attention paid to the constructions. Natural beauties allow people to live with golfing in Belek. People can do other activities when they bored playing golf. Well, what that people can do in Belek out of golf?

How Does Golf Make Belek Attractive?

Accommodation in Belek

- Hotels: Belek is known for its hotels. It has many hotels in the town. Hotels are used for touristic activities, golf events and meetings. They have features like breakfast, dinner, pool, various activities.

- Camping areas: Campers are preferring Belek for camping. Belek has many and spacious camping areas.

- Estates and Investments: From villas to apartments. There are estates and investments for the people who do not enjoy to camping or staying at the hotel. Some of them are for sale, some are for rent.

Daily and Social Life in Belek

- Beaches: Due to its closure to the sea, Belek has beautiful beaches. Hotels have beaches. People can enter public beaches if they do not enter hotels’ or do not want to.

- Transportation and active hours: Life in Belek is running from 06.00 to 22.00. After 22.00, there is no living area in its streets. Transportation ends in 22.00. It is provided by buses. Taxis have 24-hour service. People can come by bus and taxis from the International Antalya Airport to Belek.

- Activities and events: Exhibitions, festivals and shows are visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Examples are International Jazz Festival, Opera and Ballet Festival, Comedy Club Festival, International Belek Salsa Festival, FootFest Tournament etc. Hotels have several activities for its visitors. G-20 Summit which is interviews and studies done for increasing the international financial stability, hosted by Belek in 2015.

- Eating and drinking: For campers and local people, Belek has markets and grocers in the center and around it. Hotels provide eat and food for their visitors.

Belek resumes to be a real estate and attraction center in many respects for outsiders and it will continue in the future. Cultural and art activities, sports events especially golf, many facilities are feeding Belek and this idea. If you want to see and buy here, you can visit our Real Estate in Belek page on our website.

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