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Hot Offers in Turkey

Hot Offers in Real Estate in Turkey

You came to Antalya for many times and right now are you thinking of purchasing a real estate in Antalya as most of the foreigners do every single year? First of all we congratulate you for the great idea you have because Antalya is one of the best places in the world to rest or to have a great holiday. You can go for a swim, or go for a tanning and whenever you are bored from these you can find a great place to rest for the rest of the day. No matter in which season you are in, the sun always smiles to you in Antalya, the warm weather always brings the joy to your life.

We are here to provide the best conditions to you in order to have your dreams in a place which is like heaven. As many tourists come and visits Antalya every single year, most of them departs from Antalya with the idea you currently have on your mind but a few of them realize this dream in the future. If you are not someone who is planning to live in Antalya, with the essay in the above you may imagine Antalya with many people living in it, but it is not true. Antalya provides the best conditions a place can, many people visits but Antalya is big enough to welcome all of them both in the means of infrastructure and superstructure.

We Offer the Best Prices via Our Website

Antalya Homes offers many discounted property in Turkey.

In here, from these pages you can check out the prices of the real estates. Real estate Antalya is an industry which is growing bigger and bigger every single day and this gave arise to an increase in the number of new and avid investors which are willing to earn some more from the industry but sadly (or we can maybe say thanks to) not all of them succeeds. This failure forces them to sell their real estate even much cheaper than they purchase. And some of them tries to make a discount on the prices to they are willing to minimize the loss they will experience. As a company we are seeking these kinds of opportunities to provide a best service to our customers. Actually we do not prefer to use the customer term, instead of it we prefer to choose the “partner” word.

From these pages you can also find the up to date advertisements for real estates in Antalya which are on sale and you can check our special offers we grant for you. We can easily give you the guaranty that you cannot find better prices then we offer you via our web site. We have a special team which is always on the field to investigate the best houses with the most suitable prices.

Why You Should Not Save While You Are Planning to Purchase?

Why? We mean why you should not purchase two instead of one? Or maybe you may purchase just one and you can spend your money for other things to make your new home much more beautiful. Or maybe you may just want to invest in Antalya, Turkey. Prices in the real estate Turkey are really good offers for foreigners who are especially from the America or European continent due to the exchange rate differences between the Euro, American Dollar and Turkish Lira.

There are many foreign people in Turkey that use the exchange rate differences and earning a lot of money without doing any overtimes. They just purchase and sell houses in a year period and they profit they earn from a one or two houses easily allow them to live a luxurious life in Antalya.

Be Aware from What You May Miss

As we offer and guarantee you the best prices, you definitely have to think twice before you regret these hot offers in Turkey. We are here to serve you in the best way we can and that is why we offer the best prices in terms of cheap apartments. Even you are not planning to live or stay in Antalya for many years you can still roll up your sleeves and be an investor in this industry. It is really easy to make profit with the right choices and we provide the best consultancy in the industry to let you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Every Year a Massive Trading Happens in the Industry

Every year thousands of houses are being sold in Antalya just because the opportunities that Antalya provide for its guests. The tourism industry developing day by day and in this respect the real estate industry also grows. Many new visitors are having really hard times to find the best place to live in until they contact with us. We have thousand of houses in our portfolio for every kind of culture, life style. All you have to do is inform us about what you want, what you expect from a house. We bet that you are going the find the best place to live in this page even without calling or contacting with us.

As we mentioned before we are here to serve you and we are trying to do the best we can for you. We guess that we succeed in this mission and that is why we are known as the industry leading company in the sector. We grant the best prices, best apartments with this simplified interface we provide you in this web page.

If you take a look to other prices that newly founded companies offers you, you will see the significant difference we provide to you. We have more than a thousand partners who are always working with us in their real estate purchase and sell businesses. Even you cannot find the best one for you through our website you can contact with us and let us to find the best apartments which are suitable for you or for your family. Please always feel free to contact with us whenever you wish, do not forget; we are here to provide you the best service.

  • Up to 9% Rental Income Guarantee ChanceUp to 9% Rental Income Guarantee ChanceTIC-112from 86.500 €Commercial hotel rooms offer rental income guarantee and profit partnership. Visit our campaign for more information!read moreEsenyurt / Istanbul75 m²24 Months

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  • 14% Discounted 2+1 Apartment in Konyaaltı14% Discounted 2+1 Apartment in KonyaaltıAYT-904from 54.100 €The sales price of the 2+1 apartment is 82.000 USD instead of 95.000 USD. Check our campaign for more detail!read moreKonyaalti / Antalya1+1, 2+1, 3+1 dp1, 2

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  • 7% Discount for Furnished Twin 4+1 Villa7% Discount for Furnished Twin 4+1 VillaAYT-897Price 219.400 €235.100 €% 7The sales price of the 4+1 villa fell from 1.500.000 TL to 1.400.000 TL. The campaign is valid only one villa. Do not miss this price!read moreLara / Antalya4+14

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  • Discounted Prices & Easy Payment PlanDiscounted Prices & Easy Payment PlanIST-401from 130.600 €Lake view apartments have both discount and easy installment plan. Do not miss these prices and call us!read moreBahcesehir / Istanbul2+1, 3+1, 4+1 dp2, 324 Months

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  • Rental Income Guarantee OpportunityRental Income Guarantee OpportunityALN-351from 49.000 €The construction company offers great investment opportunity with its ultra luxury concept property in Alanya. Click to more moreMahmutlar / Alanya1+1, 2+11, 224 Months

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  • Discounted Historical Apartments in IstanbulDiscounted Historical Apartments in IstanbulIST-395from 93.800 €Central apartments are offering discounted prices in Istanbul. Do not miss these campaign, first-come first served!read moreZeytinburnu / Istanbul2+1, 3+11, 224 Months

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  • Rental Guarantee and Installment PlanRental Guarantee and Installment PlanIST-394from 121.500 €New-built apartments have rental income guarantee and up to 24 months installment. Check this moreKagithane / Istanbul1+1, 2+11, 224 Months

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  • 8% Rental Income Guarantee8% Rental Income GuaranteeTIC-107from 129.300 €Investment offices offer rental income guarantee in Istanbul. Check the morePendik / Istanbul30 m²

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  • Investment Shops and Offices in IstanbulInvestment Shops and Offices in IstanbulTIC-106from 243.600 €Antalya Homes offers 2 big investment campaign in Istanbul including rental guarantee and repurchase guarantee. Click to see moreKartal / Istanbul111 m²

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  • Rental Guarantee and Return on Investment ChanceRental Guarantee and Return on Investment ChanceIST-393from 87.800 €Key-ready property with island view offers great rental guarantee and return on investment to you. View our campaign for more moreKartal / IstanbulStd, 1+1, 2+1, 4+1, 6+11, 2

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