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Golf Villas in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya

Golf Courses and Golf Tourism Attracts More People to Buy a Golf Villa in Turkey

Turkey is one of the few places in the Middle East that offer an impeccable holiday. Ranked as the 6th greatest holiday destination in the world, Turkey is a holiday destination to over 30 million tourists every year. With its remarkable landscape, beautiful weather and plethora of activities, Turkey pleases every tourist, young and old. One of Turkey's greatest attractions is golf.

What is a Golf Villa?

One of the most sought asked questions pertains to what a golf villa is. Most people know what normal villas are but have no idea what a golf villa is. Golf villas are not exactly villas with golf courses in them. Luxurious and spacious villas, located right next to (or extremely close to) a golf course.

In most cases, golf villas are located adjacent a golf course. Remember, they are not located on the golf course but rather next to it.

Golf Villas are a favorite amongst most holidaymakers. Not only do they get to enjoy everything their locality has to offer, they can enjoy a great game of golf without going too far. If you have ever experienced the magic of a golf villas in Turkey, such as golf villas in Kadriye, you know what a true golf villa looks like.

Golf courses in Belek

Why Golf?

Golf has been on the rise in Turkey for three primary reasons. These include:

1. Landscape - The landscape of Turkey is absolutely beautiful. Furthermore, Turkey has taken full advantage of this beauty and has built magnificent golf courses and golf villas Turkey. Golf lovers know that for a truly memorable golfing holiday, you need to stay at golf villas. Staying at a golf villa in Turkey lets you do just that.

This is one of the primary reasons why Turkey has developed hundreds of golf properties. The amazing golf courses and golf tourism attracts scores of eager golfing fans to Turkey.

2. Locality - Obviously, nobody can play golf on a holiday 24/7. However, Turkey still offers some great attractions that add to its charm. The beautiful beaches, historic sites and monuments, great entertainment centers, clubs, recreation parks, shopping malls and breathtaking parks all add to Turkey's charm.

With so much to do in Turkey, it is no surprise that every tourist wants to buy a golf villa in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya, Turkey.

3. Golf villas - If there is one reason to love golf in Turkey, it's for the golf villas. Golf villas in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya are a prime example of what great golf villas are like. Spacious, luxurious and of course, right next to some amazing golf courses.

Then again, if a tourist rents a golf villa in Kadriye, they still would not be missing out. Not only are there breathtaking golf courses near the villas, there is also a huge sports complex and a resort & spa as well.

Whether you stay in exemplary villas or golf apartments such as those in Kadriye or Belek, you will not be disappointed. With amazing weather and breathtaking landscape, you can enjoy an amazing game of golf anytime you want. If you have family, there are plenty of activities for them in Turkey.

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