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Golf Properties in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya | Turkey

Real Estate Investors Guide to Golf Properties in Turkey

Investors who like playing golf can consider purchasing golf properties in Turkey. Golf properties in Turkey are relatively expensive because they are located around the golf courses. Most of the golf courses have beautiful landscapes. The benefit of staying on a golf property is that you can conveniently travel to the golf course to carry out the golfing activities. If you are interested in purchasing a property, you must first submit an application to the Land Registry Office. The title of the property will be transferred to the buyer after checks are performed to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.Golf courses in Belek

Golf properties are located mostly in Belek and Kadriye. Turkish state has determined east coast of Antalya as a golf tourism center. There are 15 golf courses already serving in Belek and Kadriye. One golf course next to Mardan Palace Hotel is in Antalya. The plan of the golf course is prepared by Jack Nicklaus, a well known golf player in the world. When searching a golf apartments or villas in Turkey, it is advised to co-operate with a real estate agent located in Belek or Antalya.

There is no need to consult the advice of the lawyer because it is not required by the law. However, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer because he can help you to manage the property transactions. The cost of hiring a lawyer is about 700 - 1.000 Euro. The seller will declare that all rights belong to the buyer during the real estate property transaction. It takes several weeks for the rights to be fully transferred to the buyer. During the process, the Land Registry office will obtain the official permit papers from the military department. The purchaser is supposed to pay duty and property tax.

It is recommended that customers buy golf properties in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya Turkey via reputable agents. The real estate agent can help you to determine whether the seller is really the owner of the property. In Turkey, a person must be the real owner of the property before he can rightfully sell the property. If the person is not the real owner, all the terms in the sales contract will be voided. This means that you will not be able to get back your money no matter how large is the sum if paid to the seller.

A report that contains the findings of the checks will be shown to you after the reservation contract is signed. If you are purchasing an off plan property , you have to make the payments in stages. In the final stage, the deed of sale will be signed. In Turkey language, the deed of sale is known as Tapu.

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