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Golf Apartments in Belek, Kadriye and Antalya | Turkey

How Investors Can Buy Golf Apartments in Turkey

Golf apartments are the ones which are located mostly around a golf course. Because it is located around a golf course, you can conveniently enjoy the surrounding scenery without having to drive to a distant place. Belek and Kadriye are most popular golf resorts in Turkey. There are several rules that foreigners have to obey when buying properties in Turkey. If you are not familiar with the local legislation, you can pay some money to a lawyer and let him handle the whole transaction process.

During the golf apartments Turkey buying process, an application must be submitted to the Land Registry Office in Serik, Antalya. The purchaser is liable of paying 1.5% of duty to the seller. Usually, new golf apartments in Belek, Kadriye, Antalya Turkey will get 15% exemption on the annual property tax for a period of 5 years. Every property that you buy in Turkey will be subjected for revaluation. You may resold the acquired golf apartment property to another buyer and earn profits from the sale after a few years. Turkey real estate market is growing at a fast rate. This means that owners can earn a wide margin from the sale if the apartments in Turkey are sold after a few years. For example, if the golf apartment is purchased at 60K and the real estate market has a 25% growth rate, you can sell it away for 100K after 5 years.

Golf Apartments in BelekThe money you earn from the sale of the property can be transferred to a bank in your native country. No restrictions are placed on foreigners regarding how much time they have in reselling the property. If you want, you can sell the property on the following day you purchase it. To be exempted from the capital gains tax, you should wait for 4 years before selling it. The real estate tax must be paid annually after you purchase the house in Turkey. The rate of the real estate tax varies depending on which province the property is located. In certain Turkey provinces the tax rate can be doubled. If you need financial help, you can apply for a mortgage at your home country. It is also possible to arrange for a mortgage in Turkey.

Before purchasing the golf property in Turkey, you must make sure that the an apartment in Belek does not have any outstanding debt. Examples of outstanding debts that may be attached to the property include utility tax, and real estate tax. If you did not perform the check, you will be responsible of paying them. If you found out that the property has outstanding debt, you must ask the vendor to clarify it by adding a clause to the real estate sales agreement. You should check the registry twice to make sure that the property is not owned by more multiple persons. The address of the property should be the same as the one listed in the title deed. You should seek the advice of a Turkey attorney if you have questions about the property ownership. The attorney can explain to you about the sales contract as well if you don't understand what it is talking about.

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