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Expo 2016 in Antalya


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The World's Largest Olympics: Expo

The preparation for Antalya Expo continues its the largest world exhibition which is expected more than 8 million visitors.

Expo 2016 in AntalyaExpo is an abbreviation of the word Exposition. It means the world fair. Turkish means exhibition. It is the world's largest culture, history, education, economy, science and technology Olympics. It is a platform that shared the ideas of people's and describes innovation. The main purpose of the Expo is a national training and advancement of world citizens. Expo has been held since the middle of the 19th century. The first Expo was held in 1851 in the England. Crystal Palace used in making iron, steel, glass, construction and building size was a great innovation in 1851 for Expo England.

The Eiffel Tower was built with steel cage technique for Expo 1889 in Paris. Vasco De Gama bridge in Lisbon and Atomium in Brussels Expo is one of the products. Calculator, telephone, inventions, such as sewing machines were first exhibited at Expo.

Since 1939 Expo was collected over a slogan

The slogan of Expo New York; "To build tomorrow's world".
The slogan of the Hannover Expo; "A new world is born".
The slogan of the Milan Expo; "To feed the planet, energy for life".
The theme of Expo 2016 in Antalya; "Flowers and Child". The slogan; "A greener world for future generations".

The preparation for Antalya Expo continues, its the largest world exhibition which is expected more than 8 million visitors.

Turkey was represented by the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza 1.000 m² of exhibition space. Turkey has won a silver medal with the design here. Turkey was represented by the Expo 2010 in Sanghay 2.000 m² of exhibition space. Turkey has accepted more than 7 million visitors and theme development has won a silver medal in the category. Because of this success in Turkey Expo 2016 was held in Antalya deserve. Antalya has natural beauty, unique beaches, historic sites, is a city rich with agriculture and green areas and quite successful in tourism and tourist areas. Expo held for the first time in Turkey, is of crucial importance for the country and Antalya. Preparations continue with great care and thoroughness. people's participation in the process is provided Expo with introductory meetings and activities.

Antalya is Growing with Expo 2016

Antalya Expo 2016 will be made in an area of 11 hectares in Aksu. In the Expo area will be constructed Expo Hill, Expo Forest, Expo Tower and Expo Pond. Also, will be built a playground, children’s playground, restaurants, AVM’s, agricultural museum, convention center and amphitheater.

Antalya Expo 2016 will be organized April 23 and 30 October. Expo will take 192 days. 20,000 pieces social events to be held and the number of visitors is expected to be 8 million. For more information please visit Expo organization web site.

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