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Antalya Villas | Antalya House for Sale

Unfortunately, there are few villa and house offers in Antalya. There is no any villa building permission at city center of Antalya and Konyaaltı area. Behind the 5 star hotels in Lara, you can find some villa grounds. You can build villas in Antalya according your dreams.

Antalya villasHaving a Villa in Antalya

Everyone dreams of owning a villa. Owning a villa in Antalya is a truly amazing experience. Not only do you get impeccable quality villas, they have affordable prices as well. Though, there are a few things that any Antalya house for sale owners will have to keep in mind.

Maintenance of the Property

Maintaining a house is not something that one can ignore. Preserving a villa may be boring and time consuming, but is essential in order to keep up the value and aesthetics of your villa. By regularly scheduling maintenance, a villa owner stands to save a lot of money.

This maintenance consumes money and therefore, one should set aside some money for them. It is likely that one day the owner will have to repair the sewer lines, basement, air conditioner, and furnace and get a new driveway, roof, sewer etc. If you didn't set aside some money beforehand, you could be stuck in a bind. As good practice, try setting aside 3% of your home's original cost for maintenance.

You also need to check all the smoke detectors every once in a while. They may look like they work, but until they are tested, assume that they don't work. Fire extinguishers are no exception and you should also have them checked every once in a while. If you haven't done so already, place a few near the bedrooms and just outside the kitchen.

If you have a small budget, try getting some home warranty. In the booming banking industry of Turkey, this will not be something that is difficult to acquire. If you bought an old house in Antalya, and aim to make them new once more, home warranty can be a real lifesaver. Check this Ottoman House

Get Help

Honestly, nobody is perfect. Most people cannot fix even a small switch. Owning a villa or house in Antalya does not make it any easier. Therefore, if you have the numbers of a few good electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc., on hand, make sure you make full use of them. Not only will they get the job done better than most owners, they will get it done faster.

Considering the size of most Antalya property, DIY repairs can take a lot of time; and time is money. By hiring a professional, you will save a lot of time, and hence money. This is especially true if you need to replace various things around your villa.

If You Have a Villa by the Sea

People love owning villas by the sea. The reason why people love Antalya villas is because most are located by the sea. Be it the sound of the waves or the proximity to the beach, seafront villas have attracted scores of potential buyers to Antalya.

Owning a beach apartment in Antalya may seem great but you have to consider the atmospheric moisture condition (for electronics), the smell of the sea and the sand in the air. This will most likely increase maintenance costs.

Having a beach house in Antalya (or villa) may seem difficult to most people but, taking the above into account, it can be made into a fairly easy task.

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