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3 Bedrooms Apartments and Houses in Turkey

Turkish Property Buyers Favorite is 3 Bedrooms Apartments

When looking for a holiday home, it makes sense to spend little on the home itself and more on your vacation. The same cannot be said for local residents. If you live in Turkey, it makes sense to spend money on a decent home.

The Average Turkish Family

Turkish families cherish strong family values. They choose to live with each other, staying in constant communication. This helps to strengthen the family bond. The average Turkish family consists of between 3 to 5 people. This means that the average Turkish family consists of 2 parents and 2-3 children. In many cases, the elderly may also live with family. This is especially true for new families.

Three Bedrooms Apartments and Houses in Turkey

For a family of 3-5 persons, a 3 bedrooms apartment is ideal. With one master bedroom for the parents and two for the kids, large apartments offer ample living and sleeping space. Furthermore, most three bedroom apartments have decent living and dining rooms.

In Turkey, both 2 bedrooms and 1 bedroom apartments are selling very well. With real estate more affordable than ever, even the local residents are purchasing property quickly. Considering the average size of a Turkish family, big apartments are a smart purchase. They are well priced and offer a high ‘bang for buck' ratio.

Turkish property buyers favorite is 3 bedrooms apartmentsThree Bedrooms Apartments and Houses in Antalya

Antalya is a great location for Turkish families to purchase their homes. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or local, everyone dreams of living by the sea. Although the prices of the property in Antalya are a bit pricier than other cities, they are well worth the price.

Not only do residents of Antalya have access to many beaches, entertainment facilities and shopping malls, it is a great place to work. Considering all the tourism in Antalya, Turkish families can really make it big. Whether you have your own business or plan to get a job in the city center, Antalya is truly a treasure trove, one whose benefits have not been fully reaped.

With the price of apartments at an all-time low, Turkish families are making the move and purchasing them. Considering the average size of a Turkish family, it makes sense to buy a large 3 bedrooms apartment in Turkey. Fortunately, that is exactly what is happening. Local families are choosing to buy bigger apartments - well sized and low priced.

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