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1 Bedroom Apartments and Houses in Turkey

One Bedroom Apartments Are Favorites for Russian Buyers

Russians prefer living in one-bedroom apartments rather than large and expensive homes. This preference is because Russians give higher priority to living and luxury rather than living space. Considering the inexpensive nature of one-bedroom apartments, it makes perfect sense why Russians love them.

One bedroom apartments are favorites for Russian buyersRussians in General

If you look through history, and even current culture, many Russians lived or still live in communal apartments. This has become a great way to live in Russia, as communal apartments are affordable and a great way to interact. However, most choose to live in one bedroom apartments rather than two bedroom or three bedroom apartments.

The common trend is that most Russians prefer to spend their money on luxury and very little on housing. Russians are very adaptable people. They do not mind trading off an expensive apartment for a few luxuries.

However, you must remember that you cannot say this about every Russian. Not every Russian prefers a small apartment. However, the majority do not mind living in a one bedroom apartment if it means more luxuries.

The Traveling Russian

In holiday hotspots such as Turkey, your holiday becomes exceptional when you have a lot of spending money. For Russians that love to travel, purchasing an apartment in Turkey is a smart move. By saving money on an apartment, they can enjoy everything that Turkey has to offer.

Property Abroad

Even when they go to buy a property abroad, most Russians still prefer to purchase 1 bedroom apartments in Turkey. Regardless of where they are, they still prefer to spend money on luxurious living than their home. However, this does not mean that they live in a small apartment. If they purchase a 1 bedroom apartment, it will be of a substantial size.

Russians in Turkey

Apartments in Turkey are relatively cheap. Russians still choose to purchase apartments consisting of 1 bedroom in Turkey rather than a huge 6 bedroom villa. This allows them to save more money than most people do. They usually use this money on transport, entertainment, food and to enjoy the Turkish culture and lifestyle.

If there are small sized properties in your area, you can bet that a Russian has their eyes on it. Whether it is by the sea, towards the outskirts of Turkey or anywhere in between, Russians will not have to fight the temptation to buy property in Turkey.

If you plan to sell a luxury small apartment in Turkey, it is a good idea to approach to Russian buyers. This will increase the chances that your home is sold. This may seem like a stereotype, however, it is a common trend observed among Russians. In fact, everyone should adopt such a conservative and prioritized way of life. People on vacation choose to spend less on apartments and live life to the fullest.

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